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Focusing on the practice of Family Law, Real Estate Law and Transactions, and Trusts. 


Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate transactions are governed by a wide body of federal statutes and a combination of state statutes and common law. 


Finalizing the divorce includes that assets and liability will be distributed as outlined in either a judge’s ruling or in the settlement agreement.

Signing a Contract
Trust Agreements

Protect your assets with a Trust Agreement. A trust is a legal agreement that allows you to transfer property and assets for the benefit of someone


Court-ordered payments awarded to a spouse or former spouse within litigation,  post litigation or through a marital agreement. 

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Child Support/Parantage

The need for child support payments 

shall be determined by Florida Statutes and is dependent upon many factors including time share and net income of the parents. 

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Equitable Distribution

Florida operates under the laws of “equitable distribution,” which essentially means that assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage belong to the marriage, absent certain exceptions under Florida Law.



Aileen Torrens, Esq. established her practice in 2008 and has focused mainly on Family Law matters, Real Estate Transactions and Litigation. Aileen Torrens, Esq. has represented over 600 clients in Family Law during her career and has a genuine care for her clients and their future.  Family Law does not stop at a court Order or Judgement but is a unique law in that it has to function and work post litigation whether it is a marriage being dissolved or a family splitting up into different homes.  Aileen Torrens additionally provides mediations for pro se litigants or represented litigants in the Family Law and Real Estate area.

Aileen Torrens’ educational and professional experience in Finance and Real Estate transactions adds to her handling of the transactional portions in the Family Law practice. Aileen Torrens has handled over a thousand real estate closings in both residential and commercial areas.  Aileen Torrens is an underwriter for the Fund, Attorney’s Title and a member of the Family Law Division of the Florida Bar and the Real Estate Division of the Florida Bar. Aileen Torrens is also a member of the Miami Dade Inns of Family Court, Cuban American Bar Association, and the Miami Lakes Bar Association.


I was extremely happy with the law firm services on my home closing. Torrens was able to strategically resolve title issues and get us into our dream home. 

Ari Barrios

​As an investor I have sent multiple closings to Torrens law firm has prepared for me all my loan documents.  I have successfully made business transactions and increase my portfolio with his help.

Cari Bentancourt 




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